Hermes leather style

Serveral common types of leather used by Hermes:

TOGO leather
It is a kind of Baby calf leather. The leather is a little heavy and the aroma is also a little heavenly. It’s soft leather, but the clemence leather is softer. To many, one of the hallmarks of togo is veining. However, togo leather can be veined or unveined. It is a finer grain than clemence, and slightly more pronounced. It is scratchproof and can be refurbished to almost as good as new.
TOGO leather sample: togo leather
The official name is veau taurillon clemence. It is baby bull and heavy. Perhaps the leather with most slouches to it. It has a broader, flatter grain. The grain tend to come to the surface and this is evidenced by cracking of the resin along the edges of the bag. Since around the 1980’s, it has become a classic. Another of the Hermes leathers that can be refurbished to almost as good as new.

If you don’t wipe the bag clean after it gets wet, the blisters can become permanent. You mustn’t allow the fibers to be saturated with water, otherwise they will plump up.
Clemence leather sample: clemence leather

EPSOM leather
This is a kind of embossed leather, in other words the pattern is imprinted into the leather and what you see is not its natural grain. The process of embossing compresses the leather and gives the leather some rigidity. This is a phenomenon common to all the embossed leather,as well as to the stretched ones. Epsom appears to be laminated which is one of it’s excellences as it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, it is lightweight.
Epsom leather sample: epsom leather
This leather reminds me of epsom and courchevel. They are both embossed or altered leathers. The difference is that veau grain lisse has less angular, rounder grains. The dyeing process may be similar to courchevel because the top of the grain dyes slightly darker than the crevices. It is probably laminated as well, making this leather easy to clean.

Being embossed leather makes it rigid and holds its shape well. It is no longer available.
VGL leather sample: Vgl leather

The quintessential Hermes leather. A veau, or calf leather, this leather has been uesed since Hermes’s very first handbags. It is a kind of smooth leather with a glossy finish that is susceptible to scratches. However, the scratches eventually blend into one glossy mirror-like patina, that box aficionados crave. Care must be taken with this leather when raining, if the raindrops are not wiped off, the leather will blister. Under the right care, box calf can last for generations.
box calf leather sample: box calf

Goathide that is characterized by its pronounced spine pattern down the middle of the skin. Like most goathides, it is lightweight, scratch resistant, and has a sheen on the surface that gives the skin stunning iridescence. It absorbs color well.

Another goathide but with a less pronounced spine pattern than coromandel. Lightweight, scratch resistant, and iridescent, it is known for making colors “pop”. ETA : grains are more refined than coromandel.

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  1. I would like to know about the price differences of each hermes leather.

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