Hermes Birkin Price-How Much Does A Hermes Birkin Bag Cost

Leather25cm30cm35cm40cmcountry/currencytax info
VEAU TAURILLON CLEMENCEno data595065007050France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VACHETTE FJORDno data595065007050France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU TOGOno data595065007050France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU GULLIVER(SWIFT)no data600065507100France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
CHEVRE MYSOREno data635069007450France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU BOX CALFno data650069507500France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU TAURILLON CLEMENCE(club)no data64507100no dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VACHETTE FJORDno data94501030011200USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU TAURILLON CLEMENCEno data94501030011200USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU TOGOno data94501030011200USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU GULLIVER(SWIFT)no data95001040011250USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VACHE LIEGEEno data110001095011800USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU BOX CALFno data103001100012000USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU TAURILLON CLEMENCE(club)no data1020011250no dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VACHE NATURALno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
CHEVRE de COROMANDELno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VACHE NATURALno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU EVERGRAINno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU EVERCALFno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU EVERGRAINno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VACHE TREKKINGno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU EVERCALFno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
CHEVRE de COROMANDELno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU BARENIA NATURALno datano datano data11900USA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU EPSOMno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VACHE LIEGEEno data6950no datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU EPSOM(candy)no data5850no datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
CHEVRE MYSOREno data10100no datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU DOBLIS SUEDEno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU EPSOMno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU BARENIA NATURALno datano datano data7500France - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VACHE TREKKINGno datano datano datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax
VEAU DOBLIS SUEDEno datano datano datano dataFrance - EU/euro(€)plus-tax
VEAU EPSOM(candy)no data9300no datano dataUSA/U.S. dollars($)pre-tax


Vogue, luxury and classic – as one of the most prestigious leather goods supplier on the planet, Hermes embodies some sort of functional and reasonable style, the spirit of dedication and the ability of creative design. The Hermes Birkin bag, which is just about the most covetable handbag around since Hermes named it after British actress Jane Birkin in 1984, is one of the biggest things to happen in the fashion world. It’s often considered the holy grail of designer handbags and rightfully so, since it exudes such classic and sophisticated feel that cuts across age and generations. The Hermes Birkin price is so high that the bag itself has become a token of prosperity and social standing.

cheapest and most expensive birkin

cheapest and most expensive birkin

People in fact often have to spend time on the waiting list before they are even fortunate to pay out any money on the designer handbag. The cost of Hermes Birkin bag spans a wide range. Fashion ladies who want to display one of these bags in public must be prepared to spend over $7000 if they can get it in a Hermes shop. The smaller sizes will only knock a few hundred dollars off the price tag, like the Hermès Birkin Violet Suede Veau Doblis 25cm. Consider it’s the cheapest one we’ve found, the bag was sold for $6,895. Compared to a black crocodile Birkin sold for $64,800 USD at a Doyle New York auction in April of 2005, that price is pretty reasonable. And the most expensive Hermes Birkin bag in our record was a pink diamond crocodile Birkin bag sold in February 2007. It cost the same price as a condo, about $140,000.

However, there are still ways for Birkin lovers on a budget. Online stores like eBay and Amazon can be a goldmine for those that know where to look. People can find pre-owned Birkins that are in great condition for a fraction of the price. Some of those Hermes Birkin bags are not in excellent condition, even though they can be renewed or repaired to make them look good. The Hermes Birkin price here ranges from $12000 on the auction sites, up to $17500 from a reseller like Net-A-Porter. There was a Birkin bag that marked a price as $4000 on eBay. It was aged and had just a few spots on the surface but that was much cheaper than retail price. Anyone that is willing to take a pre-owned Hermes Birkin bag should give it a shot. Now look at Hermes Birkin bag price, there are many kinds of bags you can choose, not only superstar can offer, you can get too. No matter in a party or in a formal occasion, it is your best choice. So, take your time to show your unique personality. Hermes Birkin absolutely can make your fashion dream come true.

Seven useful facts about Hermes Birkin price list:

1. The Hermes Birkin price list is collected from web, which contains selling prices in Hermes shops all over the world. Price difference among certain Birkin bags may be caused by different color or hardware, different tax rate or price increase etc.;

2. Hermes takes uniformity of price in various geographical zones;

3. Hermes Birkin prices within euro zone are almost the same;

4. Tax policy of different countries and districts vary a lot, such as the sales taxes in US are different from state to state;

5. Tax refund info:

Paris VAT: 10%, UK VAT: 20%, Taiwan: 5% VAT, Japan: 5% VAT, Australia: 10% goods and service tax, Singapore: 7% goods and service tax (visitors get back about 5% of purchase value), Hong Kong: No VAT;

6. If you’re buying any item in the US, you have to pay the sales tax of states and there is no tax refund. But having your item shipped outside the US to your home can avoid paying the tax;

7. Luxury goods price formula:

Final price=raw material(≤10%)+processing cost(≈20%)+brand value(≥20%)+advertising cost(≈10%)+distribution channel(≈20%)+tax(≈20%).

Hermes Birkin Price List 2011

25cm birkinalligatorMar-11JPjpy2,950,000
25cm birkinlizardMar-11USAusd$12,600
25cm birkinepsomApr-11USAusd$7,050
25cm birkinchevreJul-11HKhk$61,900
30cm birkintogoJan-11UK?5,210
30cm birkintogoJan-11USAusd$8,600
30cm birkintogoJan-11EURO5600
30cm birkintogoFeb-11USAusd$8,750
30cm birkintogoFeb-11Australiaaud$11,585
30cm birkintogoFeb-11USAusd$8,750
30cm birkintogoMar-11JPjpy990,000
30cm birkintogoApr-11Switzerlandchf8,700
30cm birkintogoApr-11Paris5600
30cm birkintogoNov-11UK?5,210
30cm birkinfjordJan-11USAusd$8,600
30cm birkinfjordDec-11USAusd$8,750
30cm birkinepsomJan-11TWntd299,000
30cm birkinepsomMar-11Australiaaud$11,380
30cm birkinepsomMar-11TWntd292,000
30cm birkinepsomApr-11Paris5500
30cm birkinepsomMay-11Singaporesgd13,100
30cm birkinepsomOct-11TWTW$286,000
30cm birkinepsomOct-11USAusd$8600
30cm birkinepsomOct-11Paris5500
30cm birkinepsom/chevreOct-11UK?5,120
30cm birkinostrichFeb-11UK?10,400
30cm birkinostrichFeb-11UK?10,400
30cm birkinostrichFeb-11Canadacad$18,850
30cm birkinostrichApr-11Switzerlandchf17,400
30cm birkinostrichSep-11Paris11200
30cm birkinostrichDec-11Paris11200
30cm birkinostrichDec-11Paris11800
30cm birkinchevreMar-11EURO6000
30cm birkinchevreMay-11Paris6000
30cm birkincherveAug-11USAusd$9,050
30cm birkinso blackMar-11Switzerlandchf9,550
30cm birkincroc porosusMar-11UK?25,300
30cm birkincroc porosusApr-11Paris28500
30cm birkincroc porosusAug-11UK?25,000
30cm birkinhimalaya croc with diamondsFeb-11Paris158000
30cm birkinebeneJul-11JPjpy3,440,000
30cm birkincroc niloJul-11JPjpy3,240,000
30cm birkincroc niloNov-11USA$32,700
30cm birkinswiftMay-11Italy5650
30cm birkinvache liegeeMay-11JPjpy1,160,000
30cm birkinvache trekkingNov-11MacauMOP77,000
30cm birkinbox calfOct-11UK?5,260
35cm birkintogoJan-11UK?5,680
35cm birkintogoJan-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkintogoFeb-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkintogoFeb-11Paris6100
35cm birkintogoFeb-11Paris6100
35cm birkintogoFeb-11Australiaaud$12,860
35cm birkintogoMar-11Canadacad$ 11,272
35cm birkintogoApr-11EURO6100
35cm birkintogoMay-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkintogoJun-11UK?5,680
35cm birkintogoJul-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkintogoSep-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkintogoSep-11Paris6100
35cm birkintogoOct-11Indiars.523,000
35cm birkintogoDec-11USAusd$9,550
35cm birkinepsomJan-11EURO6050
35cm birkinepsomJan-11Switzerlandchf9,500
35cm birkinepsomMar-11UK?5,450
35cm birkinepsomMar-11Australiaaud11,380
35cm birkinepsomMar-11Canadacad$9,775
35cm birkinepsomMar-11Germany6100
35cm birkincandy epsomMar-11Switzerlandchf9,100
35cm birkincandy epsomNov-11EURO5850
35cm birkintaurillonJul-11Paris6100
35cm birkincroc porosusJan-11Switzerlandchf45,750
35cm birkincroc with diamondSep-11UK?157,490
35cm birkinalligatorOct-11USAusd$42,000
35cm birkinalligatorNov-11EURO27000
35cm birkinclemenceJan-11Chinarmb77,450
35cm birkinclemenceJan-11JPjpy1,080,000
35cm birkinclemenceFeb-11JPjpy1,080,000
35cm birkinclemenceMar-11Australiaaud$12,620
35cm birkinclemenceMar-11EURO6100
35cm birkinclemenceAug-11USAusd$8,500
35cm birkinclemenceSep-11UK?5,680
35cm birkinclemenceDec-11USAusd$10,500
35cm birkinswiftJan-11HKhk$75,400
35cm birkinswiftFeb-11USAusd$9,975
35cm birkinswiftAug-11UK?5,720
35cm birkinevergrainApr-11Paris6150
35cm birkinevergrain/chevreJul-11USA$8,688
35cm birkinso blackSep-11USAusd$10,400
35cm birkinso BlackDec-11Switzerlandchf10,350
35cm birkinfjordFeb-11Germany6100
35cm birkinfjordSep-11EURO6100
40cm birkinclemenceMar-11EURO6650
40cm birkintogo/clemenceApr-11Switzerlandchf10,500
50cm birkinFeb-11JPjpy1,860,000

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  1. buyhermesadmin

    Price of reseller usually tends to be much higher than price in Hermes shop. Hermes’ price vary a lot by different countries. Paris should have the best price all over the world. In Hermes shop, there is also a price increase in 2012. You may check out when and where the reselling bag was bought, how is the condition of it. Hermes Birkin is one of the few bag holds its value which is increase by time. Getting a nice pre loved birkin with reasonable price(not too much:) always can be a good thing. While shopping Ebay sometimes it’s more important to make sure bags are not cheap counterfeits.

  2. Hi: on the price list, prices are cheaper than on EBay. Most people listed for very high even though it was pre-owned. they are making me so confuse because I don’t really how much the bag truly worth at? And I also don’t know what is the real price of the bag. Do u have any advice that we don’t have to pay for overprice of the bag? Thank you

  3. hello! my name maria! i want buy birkin 35 sm togo! what colors we have? this is bag original

  4. Post updated: Hermes Birkin Price List 2011.

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